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Meet Adam

Adam Denison began his career in professional photography at the age of 16 as a digital artist for a professional portrait studio. Since then he has been a theme park and cruise ship singer and entertainer, a graphic and website designer, a social media manager and content producer, a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and a short-term rental property manager. He's good at a lot of different things. Real Estate Photography is a newer one, but it draws on a lot of the principles he's been perfecting since he was 16 (he's in his mid-30's now).

He currently works on a management team for over 100 short-term rentals in the Nashville area, so vacation rentals are his expertise. He's also married to a realtor, so he's got that going for him. 

Above all, Adam is a perfectionist. Put him in charge of your next project, and you'll be a happy (and hopefully a repeat) customer.

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our process

What we do...

We travel to all of Middle Tennessee.

We don't have an up-charge for shoots outside of Nashville. Adam drives a Prius, gets great gas mileage, and is happy to come to you. As long as you are in Davidson, Rutherford, Williamson, Wilson, Cheatham, Montgomery, Sumner, or Robertson counties, he will come to you at no additional charge. Keep in mind that destinations more than half-an-hour outside of Downtown Nashville might be more difficult to schedule.

We shoot with High Dynamic Range (plus flash, when needed.) What does that mean?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a process in still photography by shooting multiple exposures and blending them together to get the best quality images. Each shot you see is actually 3-7 separate shots combined. Producing images this way gives us the most flexibility to bring out the best in your space. 

We deliver in multiple resolutions.

We deliver our photos through direct links to Google Drive, where you'll have access to multiple resolutions for posting on MLS or Airbnb, and higher resolutions in case you want to print. You'll have unlimited access to your photos once they are delivered, and your link doesn't expire.

We care about the details.

Many photographers, especially in the real estate market, will enter the property, shoot exactly what they see, and leave. We spend extra time making sure the details are just right. We will adjust things throughout the space to give your photos balance and the greatest appeal for the viewer. This could mean making sure pillows are straight, window treatments look even, and items not essential to the shot are moved out of the way, just to name a few of the things we pay attention to.

We do it with the lights on.

Lots of real estate photographers prefer to shoot with all the lights off. Why? Because the lights throughout interiors give off different hues, sometimes making editing difficult. For homes with neutral walls and a slightly yellow tint to light bulbs, keeping the lights off helps them make everything look even and flat after editing. Why don't we do that? Because that's not what your house looks like! People aren't walking through your house with the lights off, so your listing photos shouldn't look that way either. We don't want to set up an unrealistic expectation for seeing the house in person. We take the extra time in editing to make sure there is warmth, balance, and your home looks its absolute best.

What we don't do...

We don't batch process our shoots.

We say it a lot on this site, because it's one of the main reasons Adam got into shooting real estate. While working for a short-term rental property management company, we utilized a bigger company to shoot our rentals. They did a pretty good job. One of the things we would notice with at least a few shots from every shoot (and occasionally from MANY shots in a shoot) was that they just looked off. What we figured out after some time was that no one was actually looking through each image to make sure they all looked good. They put the same basic filters and processes on each photo and sent them out. The problem with this is that each photo presents its own challenges to balance colors, bring out shadows, and make sure that brightness and contrast are correct and accurate to the space. That's why we edit each photo individually and why we know you'll be happy with every photo we send you.

We don't over-edit.

You've seen those pictures where walls look paper white and the outside is so dramatic, it looks like you've got TV screens for windows. Some people like this look, but the majority of viewers don't. We pride ourselves in presenting a "true-to-life" feel in our edits. We don't want your space to look cold and uninviting. We edit to bring out the best in your space, but we also want it to feel warm. We also don't want to set an unrealistic expectation for when a client or buyer sees your space in real life. We hope you don't want that either.

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